It Takes Hundreds, Not Two!

I’m sure you’ve heard it before. They say, “Sponsor two, or sponsor three, and your whole downline will take off!” I’m sorry to be the one to break it to you, but it’s a lie. Sure there is psychology behind it on why your to-be sponsor will claim such a thing. It sounds easy…this makes you feel like you can handle the business too. I mean anyone can sponsor two other people right?


Wrong! Let’s talk facts. Over 95% of people who try an MLM business will not even sponsor two people for their lifetime with that business. Ouch. I’m saying 95% because the more commonly believed statistic is 97%. Ouch again. So what kind of realistic scenario would we expect? If you only sponsor two into that business, you would be lucky if those people you sponsored were even able to sponsor one person. Where does this leave you? At a big dead end… Triple ouch. What will those people do when they can’t achieve success? Unfortunately like most they will give up.

I want to face head on why people believe it should take only two, only three, or whatever else that magic number may be. In a perfect world, it would work perfectly. For example let’s say it is a three by matrix. You sponsor three, each of those people sponsor three, then each of those people sponsor three and so on until the matrix is full. You would then be making a boatload of money. The problem in the real world is that 97% of the people won’t do their part. Only 3% or less of the people in your organization will actually help it grow. But don’t worry – this article is not meant to depress you, there is a light at the end of the tunnel!

The good news is that when you learn to sponsor just one using a duplicatable method then sponsoring hundreds more is not a problem. All you have to do from that point is keep repeating what you did to sponsor that one. If that one was somehow a fluke accident then you need to learn how to sponsor one or two more, and by that point it is as simple as rinse and repeat. The key word here is duplicatable. Duplicatable is something that can be learned and passed on and those people can receive the same exact results. The truth is that in order to be successful you will need to sponsor hundreds, but you also need to work as a team and work with your downline to teach them these duplicatable methods so they can keep sponsoring and growing their downline on a regular basis too. A big misconception is that putting together a warm market list and contacting those people is somehow a great and duplicatable method… it is not! Not everyone wants to approach their friends and families, or even cold call leads. That means it is not duplicatable and instead you need something that the majority of people can handle. Online systems and strategies are duplicatable. Make sure what you are doing is duplicatable and it is something everyone in your downline can follow, otherwise your whole organization and online business will struggle. Stop marketing in ways that are unpredictable and were results can not be measured! Track your advertisements and strategies and get measurable and real results! Know what to expect.

Most importantly, don’t ever stop sponsoring more people into your business. It constantly needs an injection of new life, teach these people your strategies and your business will take off like never before. It doesn’t matter what business you are in. It doesn’t even matter what type of pay plan structure that business has. You can succeed in absolutely any business once you know the basics to building your business.

How do you learn these basics and duplicatable strategies? Surround yourself by successful people. Not just one person, but many successful people. In return you will gain knowledge, and knowledge combined with action is everything you need to succeed. Even through success always surround yourself with other successful people who can influence you in a positive way. Soon you will see yourself influencing and helping hundreds of others towards a path of success, and you will already be there.

To your success,

Darren Olander
Marketing Consultant


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