Interruption Marketing Recovery: What You Are Doing Wrong

Interruption marketing is everywhere – and people are tired of it! If you’re looking for more success with your Internet marketing business and are wondering what you’re doing wrong – you’re probably taking the interruption marketing route. Permission marketing, especially in this day and age, is the way to go in order to create more success.

People Avoid Interruption Marketing

Think about the lengths that the average consumer goes to in order to avoid the most common forms of advertising. TiVo allows us to fast forward right past commercials. We sort out junk mail and throw it away promptly. If we get calls during dinner from a telemarketer, most of us will hang up.

Mass marketing was born in the 19th century and then grew during the 20th with radio, television and other forms of mass media. However, these days things are different. Technology has allowed us to customize our experiences so much that interruption marketing is seen as a time stealer. Most people ignore it entirely – which can spell problems for you and your business.

Permission Marketing Offers Choice

The key to marketing in today’s climate is choice, just like it was before mass media. Before television and radio, consumers used to shop around in different stores to see what was available. If they needed a service professional, they would ask for a referral and seek out the information that they need. It was based in permission – they were seeking out a product or advice so marketers had permission to give the information.

The same thing can be done in today’s market. When it comes to the Internet, it’s all about choice. Your website is probably one of hundreds about your topic and one of thousands that your audience could be looking at in any given moment. You *have* to come at your audience from a permission based standpoint, or you’re going to lose them – plain and simple.

Want to incorporate more permission based practices into your online marketing? Here are three ways you can recover from being an interruption based marketer:

1. Adjust your content to sales messages ratio.

People come online to look for content, not to be sold to. You need to make sure that you are offering helpful content on a consistent basis, and that the content is at a good ratio to your sales messages. Selling all the time isn’t appealing to your audience.

2. Give your audience a choice of how to interact with you.

Permission based marketing means that your audience can select whether or not they want to connect with you. In order to encourage your audience to do so, you need to give them choice. Use an email marketing list, Facebook groups, Twitter, a blog – the more platforms that you have, the better. Just be sure you can maintain those platforms properly.

3. Spend time building value

Your market won’t care about your product, website or service unless you spend time building value. Use your platforms (your website, social media and blog) in order to create content to build value. Create content that they are interested in and you’ll be able to prove your value. This way they’ll want to engage with you and will opt into your marketing.

With the right approach, you can easily transform from interruption marketing to permission based marketing and see better results.

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