I’m back!

Well guess what? I’m back! I was on vacation in Los Angeles and was able to check out quite a lot. I definitely wish I had even more time to spend there as a lot of the things we did took up a full day! It was definitely a great trip.. but now I am back and FINALLY ready to go to work with you!

As I catch up on everything in the next couple days I will be posting updates.

What I don’t want you to forget is the conference call tonight for AllNetworkers. Our first AllNetworkers conference call is scheduled for tonight at 8:00pm EST (5:00pm Pacific). You may want to arrive on the call a few minutes early because seating availability will be limited.

To attend this conference call, please dial:


It will then ask you to enter your conference ID, followed by the pound sign. You will enter:


We will be recording the call for those who are unable to attend.

I look forward to beginning a fresh new year with you!

Your Friend,

Darren Olander


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