How To Increase Activity Among Your Downline


An idle downline is a common problem in Network Marketing. You first start a business and you’re seeing growth and great potential. That is when the ride stops. Suddenly you notice a huge drop in the amount of people joining your downline and even worse, even though you may still be bringing people in yourself you do not see any duplication throughout your network.

The problem is usually not the company or anything to do with the company such as the product or support. The problem has to do with you and the upline support. The truth is, you have to set the example and pace for your own unique organization. You have to take control and help it prosper. It is your responsibility to step up as leader. The good thing is that being a leader is a skill that anyone can learn. All it takes is learning the needed actions to help move your downline into action itself.

I learned this the hard way at first. I never had trouble sponsoring a lot of people myself, my problem was always in the productivity of my downline. You can literally multiply your income if you simply learn a few strategies to connect your downline to information.

Knowledge is the key to success and knowledge only comes from learning information. Look at it from the point of a coach for a sports team. If that coach expected the players to go to games and compete without any practice and without any instruction… how would they perform? They would no doubt lose every game. Network Marketing is the same thing. You are the personal coach of every single person you personally sponsor into your organization. They will not succeed if you fail them. In fact, you will never greatly succeed either if you fail them. Notice how I say you fail them instead of them failing you? They have already committed cash to join your organization, so you can thank them for your lifestyle and you owe them – not the other way around.

This is how you can repay them… Keep them informed and offer to help with their organization just as any other leader is expected to do. All you need to do is keep in touch with your personal referrals and they should be expected to keep in touch with theirs. Here is a list of things you should consider to keep your downline active and growing:

Remind them of conference calls.
Send them helpful tips and articles. Provide training at no cost.
Forward company updates or news to them personally.
Let them participate in a team coop

It’s quite simple really when you think about it, but you would be surprised how many people don’t do it. So this serves as a reminder.

An easy way to keep in contact with your referrals is to keep a list of their names and e-mail addresses. When you want to forward or send something to them use your e-mail client to send a message and use their addresses in the BCC (Blind Carbon Copy) section. You should also encourage your personal referrals to pass it down to their referrals so that your downline activity can be heightened.

Imagine everyone in your downline attending or listening to your company conference calls and inviting others on them? Just from that alone your organization can be growing like wild. Keep your downline connected, work as a team, and you will experience a major positive change in your downline duplication and ultimate success.

To Your Success,

Darren Olander


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