How To Attract Affiliates Who Will Work Hard

How to Find Affiliates Who Will Work Hard

Do you know the number one reason that approximately 90% of people who join an affiliate program or business opportunity never make the kind of money they expect to?

Here’s the reason: HYPE

There’s way too much hype on the Internet. Most of you who have been around the block a few times with affiliate programs know how to see through the hype, but many people who are new to affiliate and network marketing do not.

As a result, they come into a business opportunity with unrealistic expectations, they get discouraged easily, and they end up not doing much for the growth of your organization.

Think about it for a minute.

If you’re using an advertisement that says “Earn $5K per week for doing nothing! I’ll build your downline for you while you sit back and cash your checks!”, that might attract a larger number of prospects than an ad that contains no hype, but is that really a good thing?

When you’re using an ad that’s full of hype, you’re attracting prospects who expect something for nothing. If you’re serious about building a large and sustainable organization that will grow with each passing month, that’s the opposite of the kind of affiliates you actually should want.

You should be focused on working with people who come into the business with realistic expectations and who are willing to put in time and effort to make the business work. You’re looking for people who aren’t expecting free handouts, and who won’t jump to the next opportunity they find that offers even more hype than what you provided.

You probably know the type; the kind of affiliate marketer who is always jumping on the bandwagon of “the next big program”, and as a result always ends up spending more money in affiliate marketing than they make. It’s not pretty. Simple hype costs a lot of people a lot of money, maybe even you.

Be truthful with your prospects and tell them honestly what they can expect. As an affiliate of Global Domains International, they can expect some great things.

  • The opportunity to build a long-term sustainable income.

  • The opportunity to win bonus money IF they work hard at it.

  • The opportunity to use our great products for only $10 per month.

However, they should also expect to work if they wish to build a substantial organization and perhaps someday quit their day job and create a dream lifestyle for themselves.

For the average person joining GDI, it doesn’t happen overnight.

There are always exceptions to the rule, but for the most part, you’re advertising to people who are not already Internet marketing hot-shots. That doesn’t mean they can’t become one if you are up front with them and they know coming into GDI what’s going to be required of them to achieve the results they desire.

We’d much rather have 10 good affiliates who are willing to work, advertise and put time into building their business than 1,000 who join and expect to make money by doing nothing.

Quality is more important than quantity, and when you’re attracting quality affiliates who have realistic expectations of the business, they are likely to stay affiliates and work with you to obtain your mutual goals.

Here’s another thing to consider. If you’re advertising using paying per click methods, such as with PPC search engines like Google, would you rather get high click-through rates on your “SUPER HYPE” ad, or would you rather receive fewer but higher quality clicks on an honest and straightforward ad? The obvious answer here is: Less is more.

Why pay for clicks from people who aren’t likely to join or work hard when you could be paying less money to recruit an army of hard-working affiliates over time, using a PPC ad without all the hype?

Over-hyping an opportunity, even one as good what GDI offers, is a mistake. In the long-term, it’s only going to do damage to YOUR reputation and to that of the company.

Focus your efforts on recruiting hard workers who know and accept that making money takes time and effort, and you’ll reap the rewards of that way of thinking for a long time to come.

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