How To Assemble and Keep A Solid Network Marketing Team

How to Assemble and Keep a Solid Network Marketing Team

You may have heard that many network marketers give up after only 90 days in business. This can be especially troubling when it occurs among people you have personally sponsored. However, you can prevent this if you shift your focus from personally sponsoring people to assisting your existing downline in getting off on the right foot.

Many people tend to forget that without duplication, it’s difficult to be successful in network marketing. Duplication comes when you instruct and coach your team members to be more successful than you are.

Your team will produce the best results when they are working in a comfortable environment, and where they know they will find unconditional support. This type of environment will also help to build a lasting relationship between you and your downline, one that will endure any challenges you might face together.

The best way to foster this type of environment is to have consistent and frequent coaching sessions with your team. These sessions are invaluable, especially for new team members; it shows them that you care and that you want to help them succeed and build a successful organization of their own.

You can start these coaching sessions by talking about the individual’s life and the challenges they are facing, or you can talk about what is going well for them. In any case, the goal is to begin building trust with this person. This is absolutely crucial when it comes to coaching.

Some of the other cornerstone elements you could discuss are:

  • The reason the individual chose to start the business
  • Effective means of recruiting new team members
  • Time management as it relates to marketing

There are many other topics to discuss – just use your imagination. The most important thing is that your team knows that you are there to help, no matter what problems or challenges arise.

Remember: This should all be done on your downline member’s terms so that they can discover for themselves how to make network marketing work for them.

During these weekly coaching sessions your focus should be on listening, asking specific questions and taking notes. If you encourage an environment of unconditional support in these coaching sessions, you will begin to see positive results in your new member’s performance.

Do this with the first 5 people you sponsor and try to be consistent in meeting once per week. We think you’ll agree that the long-term results will be worth the time you invest.

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