I’m excited because my earnings from Global NPN have just increased 184% from what I earned just last month… and I haven’t put in any more effort than normal over my, nearly, 8 years with this program.

(until this, of course, and there is still a week left in April!)

I’ve been with NPN since 2006, and had the pleasure of seeing the products constantly improve, and many of my referrals who joined me from the start STILL with it to this day many years later.

Time is proof of a quality product and system.

It’s actually pretty amazing to me, that people have stuck with it so long, as it is a very rare sight in this industry where most people jump ship on a program to try the next one after a month (or sometimes less)…

It’s easy to get attracted to the next hottest thing and I’d say that’s fine if you already have a steady income online, but the new stuff isn’t proven – it’s risky, and if you are a beginner that is serious about making a go at it online you should really start somewhere that has proven the test of time so you can start making a profit – then, and only then, start branching out if you really want.

FOCUS is hugely important, if you started an offline business would you start up multiple storefronts at once – hoping one works? That would be crazy, right, because then your attention and effectiveness is hindered and it’s even more likely all of them will fail.

In the same situation, would you close up shop after a month if it wasn’t successful? You’d probably force yourself to learn to make it profitable because it takes a lot more determination to start an offline store, wouldn’t you?

Then why approach online business any different? Makes more sense to focus on one proven thing and make it work, right?

When I logged into my account to check my earnings this month from NPN I decided to do some math because I was surprised by how far it shot up.. and that’s thanks to their new pay plan which started this month – It actually has the potential to pay you OVER 100% on your referrals.

An awesome product. An awesome Pay Plan.

Earn 100% Commissions on ALL your referrals, with NO Pass-Ups and no forcing you to give away any of your future income. (many other so-called 100% commission programs do these things)

100% commissions, 100% of the time, 100% in your pocket every single month.

PLUS, you can actually earn over 100% when you factor in matching bonuses on your referrals.

How is this possible?

You can find out here:

–> http://betterthan100percent.com

You can work with me and be a part of my team in something I’ve seen flourish since 2006… I look forward to seeing you on the inside.

To your success,

Darren Olander

P.S. How many businesses are YOU trying to build at the same time? Are you going to cut it down to one and focus, or keep up the juggling act?

My recommendation:

–> http://betterthan100percent.com

P.P.S. Having multiple streams of income from the start is possible, only if you have a very streamlined and effective system that makes it feasible – If you’d like to build NPN and other income streams at the same time I’d recommend checking out my Prosperity Marketing System here:

–> http://www.prosperitymarketingsystem.com


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