Get Your Ads Out.. The Easy Way

It’s funny how people think exactly the same thing at exactly the
same time, isn’t it? This just happened to me, here I was putting
together a site that will build peoples lists without the effort,
so that people can have effective advertising cheaply.

Well my site ( won’t be launching until sometime in
October, but Jane Mark & Phil Basten had the same idea (or very
similar), and their site just launched today! It’s revolving ads

You will want to get in on this one as well as mine launching in
October because..

1) They have different features and benefits
2) You always want to maximize your advertising.. and for the cost
its well worth it

People are just joining now.. and if you join fast every single
person who joins after you will be receiving YOUR advertisements…
that’s pretty cool and doesn’t require work on your part! All you
gotta do is take the upgrade for a measly one-time $25. That’s it!

Join it now:

I obviously love the idea because I’m coming out with a similar
site I’ve had in the works for a while. So grab some quality
advertising.. without hurting your bank account!

To your success,

Darren Olander
Network Marketing Consultant

P.S. It just launched today.. time is critical.. get in now:

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