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We have a quick question for you. Who do you “listen to” online? By that, we mean what other online marketers do you feel you “know” and respect? Whose articles and advice do you take most seriously?

If you’ve been in the online marketing arena more than a few weeks, I’m sure you’ve noticed there are some names that stand out. Everyone has their favorites. These are the men and women that everyone else looks up to.

Any project they touch seems to turn to gold. With just a few mouse clicks, they can reel in 5 figures overnight. They’re rainmakers.

Do you wish the same was true of you?

In addition to obvious skills in marketing, A LOT of these people’s successes can be attributed to the fact that they have spent much time and effort in branding themselves as online marketing leaders. They write articles, they get their name out there for people to see and they make sure to provide only great information to their contacts.

The Internet is largely based on the flow of information, so it should come as no surprise that the people with the best information on any particular subject are the people who are sought out by others.

As an online and network marketer, no single thing will give you a bigger jump towards success than to make yourself known. It’s a huge advantage.

Many of our affiliates have registered their own name as their domain name. That’s a smart move. If you haven’t considered doing that yourself and your name is still available, consider grabbing it before it’s gone.

Here are a few pointers that will help you brand yourself and make other people want to do business with you.

1) Make a web site about you, with all of your contact information available.

2) Write some good, original articles that are relevant to what you are promoting online and make them available to your WebSite visitors.

3) Put your picture online! It’s been said that people are three times more likely to believe what you are saying when they have a face to put with the words. At least in theory, by letting your visitors see the real you, you’ll be able to signup three times more people or sell three times more product. Even if that’s not 100% accurate, you’ll still benefit.

4) When you use and like a product that’s sold online, ask the seller if you can write them a great testimonial for use on their WebSite. Be sure to include your picture and the link to your .WS site.

5) Start a mailing list and keep your contacts updated on what you’re doing, what you like and even what you dislike online.

6) Join some popular online marketing forums and offer help and assistance to people who are struggling through issues you’ve already dealt with. Always include your entire name. You want to brand your name, nothing less.

7) Next time you get an email, don’t reply with just an answer. Ask the person you’re writing to how they’re doing. Let them know you really care and you’re not ONLY online to make money.

8) Always use a signature file that includes a link to your personal WebSite in your emails.

There are hundreds of ways you can increase your exposure online. These are just a few simple ones you can start doing almost immediately to increase your sphere of influence. By finding your niche, learning about it and sharing great information about it, you’ll start being recognized as an expert in your own right.

Then, people will start seeking YOU out, and your network marketing business will grow to new heights.

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