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Honing Your Phone Skills Can Propel You to New Heights and Income.

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It’s a known fact that a lot of our affiliates do business on the Internet because they don’t enjoy the daily grind, or working in commission-based opportunities where they would be required to make cold calls.

It’s one of the reasons our email invitation system remains so popular, and is the most used marketing tool we offer our affiliates. Using the invite system and advertising your lead capture pages can generate good leads, but in many cases you’ll still have to be a part of the closing process to get new prospects signed up. Finding the leads is only part of the overall equation.

That’s not a bad thing as long as you’re working with good prospects. We don’t like cold calling any more than you do. The invitation system and your lead capture pages, such as the one at work great at getting prospects into your “informational web”.

From there, you can do a lot more to increase your signup rate. Here are some simple and non-threatening phone tactics proven to work well for our affiliates who use them.

You’ll only need to make calls to people who have already expressed an interest in GDI through your WebSite or by clicking on a link in your invitation emails.

First, you must grab a prospect’s attention. They will have likely looked at more than one opportunity if they want to make extra money online. You can easily refresh their memory of GDI by reminding them they have viewed one of our presentations online.

Next, ask your prospect if they understand what they heard and saw. See if they have any questions. Use this opportunity to demonstrate your abilities and knowledge of GDI. By asking the right questions in response to their answers, you can usually find out WHY a person didn’t signup right away, and in a lot of cases, it’s not a huge step to get them started on a free trial.

Personal contact makes a huge difference. Sometimes all a person needs to be assured that the GDI opportunity is real is a quick contact from a real person, YOU.

Always repeat your WebSite information and access code for your prospects while you are on the phone. Here’s what we recommend saying at some point before you end the call.

“Let me give you my WebSite address again, and my special access code so you’ll be able to start a free 7-day trial with us after you’ve done all your research on this opportunity. Trying our products and seeing how our affiliate tools can make you money is the best way to decide if this is for you, and remember: it’s free to try out for 7 days. You can start your trial at any time by going to www.Freedom.Ws and then entering my special access code, which is [your access code]. At the bottom of the page, you’ll find the big red button to start your free trial.”

It’s also a good idea to provide your prospects with a way to reach you if they have questions. Give them your email address or phone number, or any other method of contact you feel comfortable with.

Provide social proof: Also let your prospects know that we have tens of thousands of affiliates worldwide, including some in their area, and the email communications they receive from you will contain links to our testimonials WebSite, where they can hear from real affiliates who are succeeding with GDI.

Ask for the signup: Before you hang up with a prospect, ask them to take a free trial. It’s easy, just use these exact words.

NAME, since this is free to try and could potentially be the perfect home business for you, would you be willing to signup for the trial today so you can really see what this is all about?”

The worst that can happen is they say “no”, in which case you can just move on to the next prospect. Talking to prospects on the phone doesn’t have to be difficult or scary. As long as you follow a set method of speaking with your prospects, and either have answers to their questions OR KNOW WHERE TO FIND THEM, talking with prospects can be an easy and effective method of building your organization FAST.

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