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How to Turn Anyone Marketing Anything Online Into a GDI Prospect.

Hello GDI members,

If there has ever been a network marketing business with a larger potential customer base than GDI, we sure don’t know what it is. Perhaps this is the reason why the Network Marketing Business Journal recently said:

“Global Domains International has the potential to become the largest direct sales/network marketing company in the world in terms of number of distributors and customers!”

One of the keys to being an effective promoter/recruiter in GDI is to know how our products and services will benefit others that you have contact with.

  • How can having a WebSite benefit a small business owner?

  • How can having a domain that matches your business name be of benefit?

  • How is using email on your own domain more beneficial than using a Yahoo address?

  • How can having our professional templates save people time and money?

  • How can business owners gain another profit stream by affiliating with GDI?

Do you know the answers to these questions? If not, carefully consider them. For every feature that GDI offers, think of the corresponding benefit it offers your prospects. Instead of explaining to your prospects how they can get their own domain name and WebSite with GDI, tell them how they will benefit from having that domain.

Almost everyone who does business online is a prospect if you can find the right angle to reach them. Many of our affiliates find their own little niche and run with it, and doing that helps them build larger organizations. For instance, instead of marketing the GDI product to anyone who will listen, what if you decided to contact churches in North America that don’t already have WebSites.

Believe it or not, that would still be a HUGE market for you to specialize in.

Using this example, consider how you market the benefits of GDI to this niche. What would having their own WebSite, email accounts and an additional way to earn money mean to this particular audience? Right away, we can think of many benefits.

  • The ability to update their congregation on coming events.

  • The ability to create a special email account for prayer requests.

  • The benefit of letting non-members know about their organization.

  • The benefit of extra income to cover expenses.

  • The benefit of saving time.

This list could go on and on. Any ONE of these benefits is worth $10 per month, don’t you agree? The main reason a prospect would NOT join your Global Domains International organization is because they have not been properly shown how being a member of your organization and using our products would benefit them.

There are thousands of other niches out there, and most likely a handful that you would have an interest in. Just to get you thinking, here are few we can think of right away. Independent models and actors, looking for work. Floral shops. Mom and pop businesses who don’t have a web site. People who offer any kind of consulting for a living. Restaurants. We could fill this newsletter with ideas on what groups you could specialize in sponsoring.

One of the things that makes network marketing difficult for some people is that each prospect is different. If you can focus your efforts on smaller niches than just “people who want to make money,” then this difficult aspect of marketing becomes much easier. The majority of prospects you’ll talk to will share things in common, and since you’ve chosen this certain niche they’ll likely also have something in common with you. You’ll already KNOW what benefits GDI has to offer them, and you’ll get better and better at communicating those benefits.

Some of our most successful affiliates use “reverse marketing” to promote GDI. When they receive promotions from other online marketers, they closely examine how GDI’s product could potentially fit in with that person’s marketing to make it more effective and let them know about it. If it sounds simple, that’s because it is simple.

Far too many affiliates concentrate their efforts on email marketing, mass invites and posting their ads in as many free places as possible when they could do much better by simply looking for opportunities to help other people market THEIR products and services better by affiliating with GDI.

Try it yourself and see how effective it is for you. Even if you decide that your organization cannot be supported by this type of guerilla marketing alone, there’s not doubt that it can at least benefit from it.

Turn yourself into a 24/7 GDI “consultant” and you’ll soon begin reaping the benefits.

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