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Small Town, Low-Tech Advertising Can Lead to Big Time Profits!

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Hello GDI member,

If you’re trying to maximize your income in ANY business, doesn’t it make sense to spend your time doing the things that are going to make you money in the long run, like closing leads and training your organization?

Our estimate is that up to 75% of our active affiliates spend the majority of their work time advertising and figuring out new ways to get traffic to their WebSite.

However, just placing ads and hoping that you’ll achieve great results isn’t enough to build a substantial organization. You have to play an active role in educating your prospects and leading them through the information gathering steps, and then follow-through by assisting them with signup and while they learn our system.

With online advertising, there’s a constant and growing battle for attention. We’d back this statement up with numbers if we felt it was necessary, but you know it’s true. Unless you’re using some serious, high-powered email filters, your inbox probably gets filled with email from people you don’t know – advertising everything from flowers to human growth hormone.

You have to pick and choose which ones to give your attention to, right? Otherwise, you could easily spend 24 hours per day, 7 days per week reading email and evaluating the sites that people send you links to.

There is a growing trend toward over-saturation of online advertising. When you place free ads, you’re in competition with the thousands of other people who want to advertise for free. Most sites that allow free advertising can be auto-submitted to by software programs that are readily available. Some of these programs have resubmission options, so you end up with people who are submitting their ads over and over again using automation.

What is the chance of YOUR ad being seen in this sea of ads, even if you’ve written a top-notch ad with a catchy headline? The chances of it being seen by a targeted prospect who is likely to come learn more is slim.

What about Google and other pay-per-click sites? Well, they’re great if you have the money to outbid your competitors and still make a profit, and there’s a huge learning curve there.

Here’s how people are raking in the real money.

For decades, network marketers have been transforming themselves into millionaires using low-tech advertising methods. The Internet is a GREAT informational tool, and obviously it’s what our particular product is based on, but that doesn’t mean you should rely on it entirely for all your prospecting needs.

There is still a lot to be said for drop cards, print ads, postcards and other kinds of advertising you might not have even thought of doing. Have you ever seen a billboard promoting a network marketing product, or any other kind of advertising that is seen day after day by thousands of people? Those ads are owned by the big dogs of networking, the people who are lining their pockets with tens of thousands of dollars per month.

We’re certainly not saying you should run out and purchase a billboard just yet, but we’d like to open your eyes to the other opportunities that are out there waiting to be discovered.

The people who make the most money in network marketing are the ones who have found ways to bring in a constant flow of leads, without having to spend the majority of their day doing it. The people who really have a handle on this have too many leads to talk to on their own and they are forced to share them with the members of their organization, which is obviously beneficial to training.

The next time you pick up a national newspaper that allows business opportunity ads, remember some of the ads you see. Then a couple months later, grab another copy of that same newspaper and flip back to the business opportunity classifieds once again.

You’ll notice that many of the same ads are still there.

That’s because the people running them have developed a system that works for them, and brings interested prospects TO THEM. They don’t chase people, asking them to look at their business opportunity, and they don’t spend the majority of their day trying to learn to advertise using new methods. They advertise using proven methods and then spend their day closing prospects. That’s how fortunes are built in network marketing.

Did you know that some of the best places to advertise your business are in small towns?

This is great for you, because many people in small rural areas without much industry (or job opportunities) find other ways to supplement their income. The next time you’re in a small town, look around at the community bulletin boards that are often inside the local businesses. You’ll see people advertising their handyman services, tree trimming, childcare and the list goes on. However, you don’t often find network marketing ads. The opportunity there is often wide open.

The point of this article is just to get you thinking of other ways you can advertise. Our invite system does an excellent job of informing people you know are prospects, but it’s not meant to go out and find prospects for you.

Stop for a minute and ask yourself this question: Am I spending the majority of my day doing things that cost me time and money, or am I spending the majority of my day doing things that save me time and make me money?

If you’re not currently spending the majority of your day doing tasks that add to your income, then there is plenty of room for growth in your business. All it takes is streamlining your business process.

Develop a method that works to bring your prospects to speak with daily, and then spend your time getting better at closing prospects and training new members. There is no shortage of advertising available; you just have to find YOUR niche where you’re not competing with a million other people.

If you take a minute to stop and think, you’ll find that it’s not that difficult. Good luck!

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