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Gain Confidence, Gain Profits! The Reasons Why Every Affiliate Should Get to Know GDI.

Hello Members,

When you joined Global Domains International, did you know who your sponsor was?

With such an inexpensive opportunity to get involved with, the answer to that question might be yes or no, but one thing is for certain: You can increase your recruiting results by getting to know the GDI product and gaining confidence in yourself.

Many people who are looking for a great business opportunity find having a great sponsor just as important as having a program with the right product and compensation plan.

There are several ways you can increase your attractiveness as a sponsor, but the single most important one is to learn what GDI has to offer and what the benefits of our services are.

When you know these things, you’ll gain confidence in yourself and you’ll find it much easier to talk to prospects without stumbling over your words. The GDI product is very simple. We offer domain names, email accounts on your personalized domain, web hosting and a SiteBuilder product that allows you to build a WebSite without any knowledge of HTML coding.

While we do offer some sub-services that are related to these, such as domain and email forwarding, the services listed above are the main ones that we provide. You’ll find that there are many people who can use our products if you are confident in your ability to explain their benefits.

Take some time to review your members area and learn how to use the different features in your back office. The more you know, the easier it will become to explain things to prospects and new members.

When you speak to a prospect either by phone or even in an email communication, your confidence in knowing the GDI product will shine through in your writing and speaking. Prospects will become more open to doing business with you as if by magic.

Here are a few other ways you can increase your confidence when speaking with prospects.

1) Do “role-playing” prospecting calls with your sponsor until you are confident that you can answer most basic questions a new member might have.

2) Stand up when talking to prospects, and speak firmly and clearly. Just as in any communicational situation, people will respect you more if you if they are not straining their ears just to hear what you’re saying. To most people, a bold voice equals confidence.

3) Make mistakes! Practice makes perfect. The more you talk to prospects and learn from your mistakes, the more confident you’ll be in knowing that you’ll say and do the right thing next time.

4) Know what YOU bring to the table. Everyone has something to offer the people they bring into the GDI business, whether it be marketing expertise or emotional support. Know and emphasize your strong points.

5) Don’t focus on the money you earn or the number of years you have under your belt. Some of the best network marketers are new to the industry and aren’t stuck on old habits. Don’t assume that someone is not going to want to do business with you just because you’re a newbie. Sometimes people new to networking are attracted to working with their peers.

With experience comes confidence. Keep up the hard work and keep on doing the things that are working for you. Before you know it, recruiting will become second nature to you and the money you earn from your organization will soar to new heights!

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