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Six Simple Ways to Spark Growth and Customer Retention in Your Organization.


Hello GDI Member,

Here’s a strange question for you. What would you rather have, 1000 new affiliates that remain as customers for a couple months, or 500 new affiliates that remain as customers for years and also lead to downline growth and more income for you?

Unless you owe a loan shark $1,000 – the answer to that question should be obvious. Take the long term money and great customer retention, right? Get paid month after month!

Having a long-term, residual income is the desire of so many people who are working online today. It amazes us how many of them do not realize the importance of staying in contact with affiliates and customers. If you really want to build a long-term, strong and loyal customer and affiliate base in GDI, here are some tips that will help you do it.

Get New Members Involved Immediately! When you refer a new affiliate or customer to GDI, make sure they hear from you as soon as possible. If you can make a quick phone call to welcome them to your team, that’s going to do the most good, but even an email welcoming them and giving them some of your own pointers will be beneficial.

If you have referred someone who is mainly interested in using our products, make sure they learn how to setup their email accounts and work with our SiteBuilder tool. Contacting your new downline members is a simple process that can often be automated using autoresponders and other tools, and it will do a lot for your retention rate.

It’s also recommended that you create a list of recommended steps each of your new downline affiliates should take to get started with a bang.

Stay in Touch. Set aside 15-30 minutes every day just to make phone calls or send personal emails to some of your working downline members. The calls don’t have to be long or structured. Just call and see how your members are doing, and ask what you can do to help. When you show your organization that you care about them, they’ll be more than happy to work towards your success.

Creating a Downline WebSite. Once you’ve gotten a good handle on what works for you in promoting GDI, you can easily share the information with your organization by creating a WebSite for their use. Using our SiteBuilder tool, you can create a WebSite that gives your downline tips and shows them the resources you use to promote GDI. This saves you time and effort and puts the information your downline needs at their fingertips, 24 hours per day.

Holding Regular Conferences. Don’t underestimate the power of making your team feel like a team. People enjoy working together towards a common goal. When your downline affiliates know that they’re moving forward towards a definite goal, they’re not likely to quit on you.

You can hold conference calls with your group, or utilize online conference rooms to have weekly get-togethers with your organization. There are many free conference call services out there. Just search Google for “free conference call” and you’ll find a handful to choose from.

Recognize and Reward Your Leaders. Doesn’t it feel nice when someone recognizes your achievements? Other people like the feeling too! When you notice a standout in your organization who is working extra-hard or who has created a new and better way of doing something, recognize and reward them! If you have conference calls, invite them to be a speaker and let others on the line know about how well they are doing. If you have someone in your organization who is proving to be a valuable “closer”, offer to send some of your advertising budget their way if they’ll agree to talk to prospects. It’s a total win-win scenario.

Be Heard. Make sure you don’t fall into the background. Let your organization know that you are an active member and that you’re not just collecting commission on them month after month without doing any work yourself. Activity from you breeds activity in your organization. Be open with any great information you have for your group, and don’t be afraid to let them know what DOESN’T work. The more time and energy you can save them on doing things that don’t work at building their organization, the more time and energy they’ll have to dedicate to doing the things that do work.

The key to all of these tips is consistent communication. As long as your organization is staying active and communicating with you – and with each other – it’s almost impossible to not make money.

Consistent Communication + Consistent and Focused Activity = Long Term Income.

If you’re not already doing these things, start incorporating them into your overall business building plan, one by one. In short order, you’ll be a standout leader with an organization that people WANT to be a part of.

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