Effortless Advertising? I just launched it today…

I LOVE launch days. Everyone waiting for that special minute, and
then we get to give a big pounding to the site with enormous amounts
of traffic… It’s just fun to watch 🙂

You can be a part of that right now, I just launched Viral Nugget
today. Can’t wait?


Just like I said in the title… it is EFFORTLESS advertising.

Are you tired of surfing forever and clicking to earn credits?
Do you want an easy and effective way to drive more traffic to your
site.. with less effort?

I created this site so you could do EXACTLY that!

Our Widget (which displays your ads inside it) is already being
displayed on many high traffic websites… over time we will be on
THOUSANDS of websites and delivering millions of visitors.

If you want a piece of it, then now is the time to shine.

Go to the site and learn more…


Once you’re ready, Join Viral Nugget at no cost (or upgrade if you
wish), and start getting REAL traffic to your site.

* Leverage the power of a downline by earning credits five levels
* Get referrals and advertising effortlessly.
* Set up the widget once, and get traffic forever!
* It’s free, easy, and viral!

You don’t even need your own website to benefit… so get on it:


To your advertising success,

Darren Olander
Marketing Consultant
ViralNugget.com Founder

P.S. – By upgrading you’ll be able to get some really awesome
bonuses along with really effective solo advertising to our

P.P.S – It’s already going viral.. don’t wait on joining,
You’ll get the most benefit if you join and share it with others
right NOW!

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