Do you know the rankings?

Usually when I share something it’s fresh and new
and JUST released. That’s great and a lot of you
really like to hear from me because I tend to share
new quality resources that will help your business.

That’s not what I’m doing today though. There is a
great resource that has been around for quite a long
time already.. it’s proven, and will show you where
you can expect to get the best results from your


I believe in the 80/20 rule.. which is basically
that 80% of your results and income will come from
the top 20% of the things you do. This means that
if you spend more time on the top 20%.. the stuff
that is bringing you results.. you will explode
your results even more.

But how do you discover what the top 20% is?

Affiliate Funnel helps with that!


You know one week ago I recently launched my traffic
exchange slash list building system
so I know for a fact that List Builders and
Traffic Exchanges are effective resources if you use them

I have not even shared any Traffic Exchanges with
you until up to this point… but they are a part
of your marketing that you want to tap into.

Advertise splash pages and capture pages on them
and you will see results.

Back to Affiliate Funnel… It’s the most popular
traffic exchange ranking system on the internet.

Each week the rankings change and you can see what
the top 20 traffic exchanges (based on their data
and user votes) are. This is valuable because
using the top exchanges will get you results!

Another really cool thing about Affiliate Funnel
is that they have free web seminars each week, and
these are GREAT seminars.. I try to attend the
one every Saturday.. so if you do attend you can
expect to see me there too. Expanding your
knowledge and surrounding yourself by quality people
is important to your success.. and this is one way
you can do it!

You can join free now:

I’ll see you there…

Darren Olander
Marketing Consultant

P.S. – Once a member of affiliate funnel make sure to
vote for my new traffic exchange that launched last week…

You can vote for it here:

If you aren’t a member of List Surfing then you are
also missing out! Join it:

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