Too many mails in your inbox? (Solution!)

I’m excited to announce a brand new email preference has rolled out at all my email advertising sites called Digest.

This is an option to receive one email every 12 hours which contains links to open and view email ads instead of receiving each email individually.

If you don’t like too many mails in your inbox, this is the solution!

You can see the list of mailers on this page

Readers will still see the subject lines and body of the ads before viewing your website, so you as an advertiser do not lose any presell opportunity.

Always improving!

Darren Olander

P.S. This is just an option, so if you like receiving every mail then you do not need to change your preference. My email advertising sites give you the options to not receive mails, receive limited amount of mails, read mails from your members area inbox, receive all individual mails, or now: digest form. You are in control!

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