Content Marketing for Facebook

Content marketing on Facebook is gaining popularity for many reasons, including the amazing tools at your disposal and the ease of marketing to a wide audience quickly. To make sure that you are using the site to its full potential, there are a few ways to make sure that you are effectively using the site for marketing without chasing away potential customers.

Make Your Marketing Personal

One powerful way that Facebook works for marketing is that it offers a personal glimpse at the person or business doing the marketing. People don’t read marketing pieces on Facebook to get a cold and impersonal sales pitch. They like the site because it feels like a personal dialogue with the various people and companies that they follow. Businesses that cultivate this personal aspect of the site make it more inviting for users who are deciding who to follow.

No matter what you are selling, your content marketing on Facebook should make people interested in you as a marketer as well as in what you are selling. Without that personal aspect, your marketing items are simply commercials, and commercials are easily turned off without another thought. A compelling marketer with plenty of interesting content, however, is intriguing and worth another read.

Don’t Flood Your Followers

To keep a regular readership on Facebook, you do need to keep updating it with new and interesting content. Status updates, your Twitter messages, interesting links, video and other marketing items are useful for making your content marketing multi-faceted and up to date. However, if you update with new content every hour, filling your pages with hundreds of links, pictures, 1000-word articles and more, you will overwhelm your readers with too much in too little time.

Most Facebook users do spend considerable time on the site, but they don’t want to do it all on your pages. To get the most followers possible without scaring them away with a bombardment of advertising, strike a balance between new content and networking with other Facebook members. Going out and networking with others will help with cultivating a following more than filling your pages with as much as possible.

Remember Your Readers

One important thing to remember about content marketing on Facebook is to remember the readers. They aren’t on Facebook to work- they are there for a little recreation. Your message doesn’t necessarily have to be light or humorous, but it is important to make sure that you can see it from the perspective of a reader. If you were cruising Facebook and stumbled upon your pages, what would tempt you into reading further? Is your information difficult to navigate? Does it give readers any reason to pay attention to what you have to say? If not, consider what you enjoy reading on Facebook. Think about what it would take to keep you engaged and interested in the content you read.

Some marketers add contests, informational videos or other items to their Facebook pages to keep them interesting. If you can surprise and engage readers with personal, interesting content, you have the tools to market effectively.

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