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Can Knowing the Definition of a Word Make You a More Successful Network Marketer?

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Hello GDI Member,

To be a truly effective network marketing sponsor, you must also be effective at prospecting. To be effective at prospecting, you must first understand the definition of prospecting.

Let’s look at some dictionary definitions of “prospecting” and see how they relate to your GDI business.

“In the broad sense, prospecting refers to exploration.”

Can network marketing prospecting be considered “exploration”? Sure it can. When you’re finding and interviewing prospective GDI customers or affiliates, what you’re really doing is exploring the possibility of working with them or having them as a customer.

Exploration goes both ways. You should be asking questions of your prospects, as well as answering their questions and providing information about GDI. In other words, you and your prospect should be communicating with each other to see if a business relationship between the two of you makes good sense.

“The step in the selling process that identifies potential customers for a product.”

When you advertise your GDI referral links, hundreds or even thousands of people may see them. That does not mean that EVERYONE who sees your advertisements is a good prospect. To identify someone as a good GDI prospect, ask yourself these questions.

  • Does this person have a use for a web site, their own domain name, or customized email accounts?

  • Is this person interested in making money?

  • Does this person have Internet access, either at home, at work or in a public place?

  • Is this someone I can see myself working with as a member of my team?

  • Does this person have the means to pay $10 per month to potentially earn thousands of dollars?

To be a professional network marketer, you should learn to identify who is a good prospect and who is not.

“Finding new potential customers who have the ability, authority and willingness to purchase.”

This definition of prospecting is very similar to the previous one. A potential customer and/or affiliate is someone who has the ability to sign up to GDI, someone who has the authority to signup to GDI and who is also willing to pay $10 per month for the excellent GDI suite of products – or at least to investigate what GDI has to offer by taking a 7-day trial.

“The act of searching an area for valuable ores, such as gold.”

Now that’s a nice definition of prospecting, isn’t it? While this definition likely relates back to the days of the California Gold Rush, during which people headed towards the American West in massive numbers in search of gold ore, we believe it’s also applicable to being an affiliate of GDI.

Millions of people all over the world are looking for additional ways to put extra cash in their pocket. That never changes. As long as money can buy things people want, people will also want more money.

The “area” that you’re prospecting is the Internet. That’s a HUGE area, isn’t it? Instead of shovels, pick axes and Levi’s denim, your tools of the trade are our invitation system, your telephone and email. Unlike the prospectors of the old California Gold Rush, you’re not unlikely to find your share of what you’re looking for.

As long as you possess the tools of the trade and you’re using them correctly and consistently, you’re SURE to find gold. Like the prospectors of old, you’ll get better at prospecting the more you do it. You’ll learn where to look, and how to go about tapping into rich veins of GDI prospects.

In your GDI business, it’s just a matter of knowing what you want and then doing what it takes to get what you want.

If you stick with the business long enough, you will learn and succeed.

To Your Success,Darren Olander

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