Ages of Computer Chaos

New Page 1General Update From The Life Of Darren Olander (GRIN Team Leader)…

As many people have realized from working with me and experiencing results that they could only find by working with me and the GRIN Team they also know that I am dedicated to their success!

In fact, without that fact, I would be no-where today!

So this begins my real-life story of recent computer chaos. As you know about a month ago I bought a new computer, which slowed down my progress extremely because I had to reinstall everything that I use on a daily basis. I had to buy that new computer because the motherboard on the old one failed. As I have this new computer this last week I ran into another incident which decommissioned my keyboard. I have now returned with an external keyboard to continue my work with you. During this time (a few days) I was unable to work on GRIN due to the fact that having no keyboard limits your ability to get work done!

Now that I have explained my temporary absence I look forward to providing you with many pleasant surprises in the future! =)

If you have any suggestions or comments on how I can improve GRIN or its divisions please let me know, I am always looking to improve and build on what we have!

This is an e-mail I just received from a GRIN member and thought I would pass it on.. its one of many I receive!

Subject: Darren, You’re Keeping Me Grinning!

Hi Darren,

There just isn’t anything like logging on to the computer and finding a new member placed under you, and an upgraded one at that! Thank you for all that you are doing to get me off to a fast start. I just had a good feeling about the grinteam before I signed up. For the first time I am really seeing progress in an online business. You and the grinteam rock buddy.

Thanks again,

Jim Williams

Why Do I Do this for Jim? Because I see him putting EFFORT in his business. I am seeing him create leads.. he is actively promoting using GRIN and through GRIN he will find success.. I go beyond and REWARD him for this! All that I ask from him in return is to continue to actively work his business and to contact his new members and teach them to do the same. I use the GRIN system for my success… so can you!

To Your Success,

Darren Olander

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