A Solo That Nets 600 Plus Clicks And Costs Nothing

How would you like to get a free solo that pulls over 600 clicks?

With state of the art mailer, you can, just using their golden ticket system…

Golden Tickets are entries you can purchase with your free credits to win a solo ad that is sent out to 25,000 people whenever you wish to use it.

A weekly drawing awards one member the Golden Ticket Solo Ad and the remaining tickets are converted to Time-Bonus Banner Ad time so nobody loses in this drawing!

You can NOW also gain a complementary ticket entry by surfing the Unclaimed Solo and Extended Solo Ad area inside the site.

How much would a solo ad that is sent to 25,000 that nets over 600 clicks cost you?

You can’t buy it at SOTAM but you can win it! Join now or get active again at one of the largest and most active mailers on the net for over 3 years now.

===> http://darrenapproved.com/recommends/sotam

See you there,

Darren Olander

P.S. 26,244 members and growing makes this one of the best mailers to use. I’ve gotten awesome results using it so I’m confident you can too!

===> http://darrenapproved.com/recommends/sotam

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