A SHOCKING truth (are you guilty?)

“Build Your List, Build Your List, Build Your List”..
it’s like a never ending chant.

The shocking truth, though, is that STILL…
even though all of the top earners and highly
successful marketers are telling everyone
exactly what must be done… very FEW are
doing it!

Are you building your own list?

Don’t be confused by the List Building
or safelist sites that you can advertise on,
I use dozens of those myself.. Those aren’t
YOUR list – you are simply sharing it.

The sole purpose of using them is to build my OWN


Because nothing compares to having your
very own list.

Having your own list allows you to consistently
provide value and build good-will with that list..
so they are receptive to your offers
and to what you have to share.  You absolutely must
have this type of control with your list.

Your response rates from your own list
can be outstanding, and earn you income
on demand.

If I never started building a list I would
be NOWHERE right now.. and I would be just
like the huge percentage out there right
now who are failing.

But I’m not.

Thanks to my list it supports my lifestyle
and doing this full time. I am really
grateful for that!

(I’m thankful to you!)

Simply advertising on list building sites
won’t do that – You MUST be using your
advertising to build your OWN list.


Sean Supplee just released a free report today
called (perfectly, I think) Take Action
List Building:

>>> http://www.darrenolander.com/recommends/talb

In the report he reveals:

* Exactly what tools you need to START building
your list.

* Exactly what strategies you need to
rapidly build your list and maximize profit
from that list.

When I read Sean’s report I was blown away
by how simple to read and follow it is. He did
a great job writing it and the material is

Be one of the few to prosper by taking action and
grab your free report now:

>>> http://www.darrenolander.com/recommends/talb

To your success,

Darren Olander
Marketing Consultant

P.S. The ones not building their lists are the ones
who will keep failing year after year… don’t be
one of them:

>>> http://www.darrenolander.com/recommends/talb

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