A Purple Taxi?

Beep Beep!

I’ve never seen a purple Taxi before until I ran into
David Foley’s Traffic Taxis.


Ok… before you say anything, I admit his Taxis are
NOT purple. I said purple because he’s done something

It comes from the philosophy of being a “Purple Cow”,
It’s a book by Seth Godin that claims that we have now moved
into an era where markets are largely satisfied, and to be
noticed a product and its marketing need to be remarkable
to be seen at all, let alone to sell.

And I believe it’s true. You need to stand out and be
unique with your marketing and products to be highly
successful. It’s one thing I always make sure I am doing,
and as you can clearly see I follow with the type of sites
I create.

Using the same cookie-cutter e-mail letters, scripts,
etc. does not cut it. It needs to be YOU, There is nothing
more unique than yourself and your ideas.

What makes Traffic Taxis different is not the fact that
the theme is around taxis (although that is original).

What makes it unique is he has invented a new feature with
a new idea that makes it stand out from all other traffic

This is like me when I created List Surfing…

But Traffic Taxis deserves the floor for the day.. because
when someone does something really unique and cool I know
it deserves my attention.

What David has done with Traffic Taxis is created a brand
new Jackpot style Mod. It has grabbed the attention of traffic
exchange surfers all over the net.. and for good reason.

Taxis Jackpot Mod is one of the most versatile bonus modules out
there. It rewards people who are surfing when the Jackpot
goes off… which can be any time during the day. This
means if you are surfing while the Jackpot goes off you can win
any amount of cash, credits, banner impressions, or text link

Now David didn’t stop there.. he even invented the “3-way
Jackpot”, which just by surfing the set amount of pages at each
traffic exchange you are guaranteed to win a random prize at
Traffic Taxis PLUS the other participating exchanges!

David’s idea and action to put it in place has really paid off.
The traffic and activity at Traffic Taxis has absolutely
went through the roof in recent weeks, its growing quickly,
and it’s now one of the top ranked traffic exchanges online.

This means using Traffic Taxis you can expect real results
from quality views.

So this is what I recommend… I would surf my site (List Surfing),
and Traffic Taxis at the same time… that way you
nail two birds with one stone and increase your traffic and

Traffic Taxis: http://www.darrenolander.com/recommends/taxi
List Surfing: http://www.listsurfing.com

You will be in great hands with David, we have a lot in common,
he is a great admin and he puts his members and their results

Until next time,

Darren Olander
Marketing Consultant

P.S. Traffic Taxis has a OTO (one time offer) when you first
join.. it’s only $108 for the annual upgrade, and if you ask me
it’s WELL WORTH the investment. Grab it and get 1,300 visitors
to your site each month.. even if you decide not to surf!

P.P.S. Extra Incentive? I’ll also throw in my OWN bonus if you
take the OTO in Traffic Taxis. That’s right, I’m going to give
you 500 bonus credits at List Surfing, just send in a support
ticket to my help desk (http://mymembersupport.com) with your
Traffic Taxis receipt and List Surfing ID# and I’ll credit
you right away. One rule though.. you must join and upgrade
through my link (see how I’m being a purple cow?):


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