7 Productivity Killers in Online Marketing

How many of these 7 productivity killers in online marketing are affecting your business? Take action now to reduce or eliminate these activities from your routine so that you can focus on growing your business. The increased revenue you get from dealing with them will be well worth the effort!

#1 Treating Your Business Like a Hobby

Too many people treat their online business like a hobby, especially during the initial phase. If your goal is to generate an income, you need to give your business the attention it deserves to help it grow.

#2 Failing to Delegate

Once you start getting a regular income stream coming in from your business, it’s time to stop trying to do everything at once. Let go of your need to control everything and recruit qualified people to take over some administrative duties so that you can focus your attention in other areas.

#3 Spending Time on Activities Which Don’t Generate Income

This item on the list of productivity killers in online marketing relates to the one above it. You need to make sure that the actions you are taking are ones which will grow your business. Keep your eyes on the prize and delegate as much of the other types of activities as you can.

#4 Procrastination

If you wait until you feel like doing something for your business, you may be waiting for some time. Procrastination can kill your online business if you let it take hold. You need to be actively working in your business on a regular basis if you want to be successful.

#5 Failing to Maintain a Regular Schedule

One great way to stay on track is to have a regular schedule for your business. You can set one up on a full or part-time basis, but make sure that you stick to the one you have chosen. That time is set aside to work on your online business, and not for any other purpose. Consider it like an appointment you have made with yourself, and be sure to keep it.

#6 Multiple Interruptions During your Workday

If you want to keep your productivity levels up, you need to keep the distractions at bay. Have a set time to check and respond to e-mails. If you are working from home, tell your family not to disturb you during your work hours. You may also want to let your phone go to voice mail during these times so that you can focus on your business-related tasks.

#7 No Detailed Plan for your Business

It’s not enough to decide one day that you want to own and operate an online business. You need to have a detailed plan for how you are going to establish it and make it grow.

Only with careful cultivation and by avoiding these seven productivity killers in online marketing will you make it a success.

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