6 Elements of a Great Email Signature

One of the most important and often overlooked methods of promoting your online business is your email signature. Let’s take a moment to discuss the benefits of using an email signature. In e-mailing clients or prospects, the use of a signature can be one of your most effective tools. Signatures should not be long and drawn out, but should offer quick information that will help your clients contact you. For any business venture, having a well written signature can make the difference in higher sales, more networking contacts and the potential for prosperity! Use the following as a guide to build a signature that will help you meet your needs and reach your goals:

  • Your name, the name of your business, and/or your position is necessary to build your brand or name recognition. You don’t want to forget this, right?
  • Your email address is vital. If your email has good content, people will want to contact you. Having your email address visible (and clickable) is the best means to satisfy the need to “do it now”.
  • Your domain is your presence on the web. People will be enticed to take action immediately if the information is readily accessible. While it may be best to send them to the home page, the content of your writing may suggest you send them to a specific page.
  • Email is great, but people often like to connect with you on a different level. Make sure to include your phone number so they can. Remember your fax number too!
  • State your mission or purpose. This is a short sentence that differentiates you from others in your business.
  • Provide a reason why they should contact you now. You could offer an incentive for recipients to take a specified action.
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