5 Rules for Facebook Network Marketing Success

Facebook is a very popular social networking site that is used by individuals and businesses alike. It receives a high level of traffic and can be an important part of your marketing efforts. Check out these five rules for Facebook for network marketing success to help you use this method effectively.

Don’t Use a Third Party App to Post on Your Wall

Your business Facebook account is an important way of communicating with prospects and customers and when you post there, you are communicating as your business entity. Third party apps can make your business page look unprofessional and take away from the online image you are trying to create. And more importantly, Facebook actually pushes your third party app created posts down so they are less likely to appear!

Actively Friend People

If you want to build your network marketing business online, you need to reach out to people. Find people who you think may be interested in what you have to offer and send out friend requests on a regular basis. This is a modern way to network with like-minded people and with the popularity of the site continuing to grow, it’s one you should be taking advantage of.

Crosspost on Your Personal and Company Pages

By posting on both pages, you are increasing your chance of being noticed online. There is no way to predict how a prospect will find your business online. A prospect may find you through your personal page and if you are posting from your business page as well, he or she will be able to find out about your network marketing venture, too.

Respond to Comments on Your Company Page

By taking the time to address comments on your company page, you build credibility for your business. There may be multiple visitors to your Facebook page who don’t leave any comments at all, but they can get a feel for how you conduct yourself in your business by reading how you respond to previous visitors to your Facebook page.

Post Photos to Get More Views

Internet users like photos, and posting them on your Facebook page will lead to more people clicking on them out of curiosity. You will want to make sure that the images you post relate to your business or your approach to doing business.

By following the five rules for Facebook network marketing success outlined above, you will be able to use this site to your advantage. It is a popular online destination for many Internet users and is one that should not be ignored in your online marketing efforts.

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