3 Ways to Connect Offline and Online Network Marketing

When it comes to network marketing, you will want to make sure that you aren’t leaving any stones unturned. A combination of offline and online network marketing techniques will help you to keep your prospect list full and lead to sales. Consider these 3 ways to connect the two and achieve your marketing goals.

Put Up a Website and Include Your Business Address and Phone Number

One easy way to connect your online and offline marketing efforts is to make sure that your prospects can find you easily. If you haven’t set up a website, this should be your first order of business. There are hosting companies which offer simple website templates which can get your site up and running quickly and easily without any technical knowledge on your part.

Let your prospects get in touch with you in the way that they find most comfortable by providing a business address and phone number as well as a contact form or an e-mail address. Your goal here should be to present yourself and your opportunity as one which is easily accessible to your prospects.

Put Links to Your Website on Your Offline Marketing Materials

Once your website is up and running, you will want to make sure that you include a link to your URL on all of your marketing materials. If you are using letterhead or brochures, this information should be prominently displayed.

Add the URL for your site to your business cards as well. Make a point of handing them out freely to people you are meeting, whether you have immediately identified them as a prospect or not. The strategy of spreading your networking net as wide as possible means that you will find it much easier to keep a steady stream of prospects coming to your business.

Get Out in Front of Prospects Often

Even the most well-designed website can’t replace the personal approach. Making contact with people face to face is a tried and true method for networking, and for good reason – it works!

If you haven’t done so already, join a local networking or service club. Go to the meetings as scheduled and make a point of meeting a few new people at each one. Share your business card and invite the prospect to check out your site.

You should also take business cards from the people you are meeting at these events, but don’t just put them on your desk after the event is finished. Now is the time to follow up with the people you have met by sending each one a personalized e-mail telling him or her how much you enjoyed meeting them. Make sure your URL is included in your e-mail signature and invite the prospect to check out your site and get in touch with questions or for more information.

These methods will allow you to connect offline and online network marketing strategies to help you achieve success in your business.

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