Get 1,000 Free List Surfing Mailing Credits Every Single Month (plus MUCH more)

My site List Surfing is proud to be one of the newest additions to Downline Builder Elite bonuses – which means as long as you are a member of Downline Builder Elite and active in List Surfing, you can claim 1,000 free List Surfing mailing credits every month!

You do have to pay to be a member of Downline Builder Elite, but you can get a lifetime upgrade for $147 and it’s honestly one of the best purchases I’ve ever made…

The upgrade actually comes with 10s of thousands of advertising credits, banner impressions, and text ads you get every  single month from dozens of different mailers and TEs

Currently you will get:

7500 Surf Credits
36,500 Mail Credits
35,000 Banners and Texts Links


Marty keeps partnering with more sites to provide more bonuses all the time, and of course you’ll also get access to those as she adds them in.

That’s an insane deal for a one time payment of $147

And that’s not all, she will even throw in five solo ads to all members of her sites, which are very responsive!

Downline Builder Elite will also help you keep all your referral IDs with downline builders updated so you don’t miss out on potential earnings and referrals.

It’s really a great tool and the free monthly credits make it a must-have… grab it today:

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