Many people ask me time and time again, “Darren, how do you do it?!?”. I have a simple answer – Advertise Advertise Advertise! If you are always advertising in new and fresh places as well as the same effective places continuously.. you will see results as long as your offer is attractive to those people. I have put together a list of top advertising sources that I personally use. You should definitely take advantage of these.

Recommended Advertising Sites

These are the best advertising sites that I highly recommend. In fact I have upgraded memberships in all of these – so take a close look and you will benefit from these greatly! Note: It also depends on the effectiveness of the e-mail you are sending (the copy) whether or not you will see the same results I do. If you take the time to write copy that is captivating and gets the reader to go to your site then I am very confident you will be very excited about my list here:

  • My Advertising Sites – Please check out this page for a list of advertising sites I personally own… I believe in creating high quality sites that deliver results.. so there is no better place to start!

The rest of the sites are sites I am a member of and have experienced results (not in any particular order):

  • Mailsy – Proven site with high click through rates!
  • Guaranteed Mails – Quality site from Marty Petrizza that guarantees you a minimum amount of views on every mail!
  • List Joe – Take the OTO for $197/year and reach 3,000+ members every 3 days, plus many other ads!
  • Mister Safelist – Dedicated owner constantly bringing in new members so we see results!
  • Bweeble – Hot social list builder.
  • State-Of-The-Art-Mailer – HIGHLY Recommended – Effective site with different upgrade options.. best upgrades are the offers right after you join.
  • The Lead Magnet – Has a dedicated ownership, growing very well.
  • Viral Mail Profits – This one keeps getting better and better! Also essential for managing your mailings on other sites!

Please note that I haven’t listed all of the sites I use to advertise here.. this list contains the best of the best! As you will also notice a lot of these will cost you money. Spending money on advertising is a business expense, you will write it as a deduction on your taxes anyway (ask a professional).. and in order to make a real go online you do need to pay for some advertising, doing it free just won’t cut it. As you can imagine.. I spend a WHOLE LOT of money each month on paid advertising, but it also gives me a great return and I am always one of the top recruiters in each business I am a part of. You can do it too, just make the investment… I am 100% confident you will see a nice steady stream of signups if you upgrade in all these sites.

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