About Me

About Me
Darren Olander

Hi, my name is Darren Olander.. I am enjoying the benefits of working full time from home. The thing I love most about what I do is the freedom… Honestly THIS is my dream job!

I got started in trying to build an internet business in the year 2002. Unfortunately, like a lot of new people to making money online, I had a lot of trouble. After hitting failure and failure I kept persevering and got up. A quitter never wins, and a winner never quits! After a while everything totally changed, I was excited to start discovering some real methods to building my online business… that marks January of 2007 – the year I was able to start doing this full time and quit my day job at Starbucks. It is an amazing feeling to be able to work for yourself and provide for yourself, and I love helping others realize this dream as well.

There are numerous types of online businesses and just as many different ways to build them. I’ve learned a lot over the years as I have dug into many of them and will continue to do so as I believe you should never stop learning and growing. If you follow me I will have the pleasure of sharing it all with you, and I hope to hear of your success from it!

Take a look at my businesses that I own and see how they will help you… I’m always happy to meet and work with new people. I can help you achieve your goals. (check out the “my sites” page from the menu above) – If you are not sure where to start I would recommend the Prosperity Marketing System – let’s succeed together.. if you’re ready, I can help you!

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