Enjoyment vs Results

This spring I’ve done a lot of  hiking through the lush rolling hills here in the San Francisco Bay Area…

At this time of year everything is blooming and green, the vast diversity of plants and flowers in California is quite impressive and beautiful.

Even though there are a ton of trails to choose from here, there is still one that becomes a favorite. Unfortunately, it happens to be the farthest away, so the choice is to either go much farther to enjoy the experience more, or  to settle with one that is closer.

Advertising online is really similar, for traffic exchanges for example, do you choose to surf where you enjoy it the most – or do you surf strictly where the results are highest for you?

Sometimes you can get the best of both, a great experience and results – but when you want to cast your net wider it requires getting on more traffic exchanges that you may not enjoy surfing as much.

Is the exposure important enough to surf there anyway, or do you stick strictly to a chosen few?

Now you do not have to decide! John Bell recently opened a member driven co-op where you simply surf at your favorite traffic exchanges, and have that earned traffic spent over hundreds or thousands of sites.. no extra accounts needed, and no surfing at sites you don’t prefer.

You get to have the enjoyment of surfing where you want, coupled with the results of casting a wide net.

Check it out here.

At first when I saw this, I saw a bit of a downside…

Since it is member driven, you were at the mercy of having your sites advertised at places where the members are surfing – which could be some places you don’t see the best results.

Fortunately, John Bell has fixed that problem too!

Now you can filter out any sites you don’t want your site advertised on, giving you control over the RESULTS of your campaign!

You can view real time stats of your sites and see how many hits you get, how many unique hits you get, and where your hits are coming from! See the sources update in real time and  if you don’t like where it’s coming from, simply block it and they will never use your credits on that source again.

But John went even further…

He also developed a brand new exclusive technology that will automatically block your sites from being shown on sources that many of the members view as ‘bad traffic’ or low quality sources, saving your credits for only the best quality traffic sources!

That’s pretty HUGE! Make sure to get started today:

Join Explosive Traffic

To your success,

Darren Olander

P.S. You can also grab an upgrade just to get monthly credits  and have your sites displayed in the co-op – no surfing required!
Or upgrade to earn more credits each time your co-op url is seen – if you are going to use this I highly recommend it.

Make sure to watch out for the offer right after you join!

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