I’m promoting my biggest competition [exclusive Bweeble bonus]

I own some of the most successful list mailers in the industry, yet when I look at other top mailers, I  never see them as competition…

I see them as opportunities…

Opportunities to create healthy relationships with the owners, an opportunity to get even more quality advertising, an opportunity to help people such as yourself identify other great resources… and so much more!

You see, if we ever think there isn’t enough customers, leads, or business for EVERYONE, we are only harming ourselves.

The scarcity mindset is not only plain wrong, but it holds a lot of people back from realizing their true potential…

The more you isolate yourself, the more you limit your growth.


The more you work with others, the more successful you will be!

That’s why today, I’m promoting some of my biggest competition…

Jon Nastor and Bill Maloney are creating some of the most powerful sites in our industry, and today they have released a killer new SOCIAL list builder called Bweeble.

Check out this sexy site!

It’s set to be one of the best list mailers online, and their COOL new feature is the Viral Brand Builder.

Once you sign up, be sure to check it out…

Oh yea, and for joining under my link, for free, I’m going to give you a gift…

5,000 Text Ad Credits at my site ViralNugget.com
(read below to claim)

And, if you upgrade in Bweeble.. (check out the first offer when you first join) which I HIGHLY recommend because it will be super responsive… I will give you 25k text ad credits instead, AND 10k mailing credits in ViralNugget.com

That’s just a little bribe to encourage you to make a smart investment.

Just click sign up and get started.

Don’t mind the clouds, they float away 🙂

See you there!

Darren Olander

P.S. Once you’ve signed up under my link send me a support ticket at http://mymembersupport.com with your ViralNugget ID# and Bweeble username, and I’ll give you either your free bonus of 5k texts or your premium bonus of 25k text and 10k mailing credits in ViralNugget.com!

I’m very careful what I share with you, and I am VERY confident Bweeble will deliver the high level of quality that you need to get more signups and sales for whatever you are promoting:

==> http://darrenapproved.com/recommends/bweeble

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