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We are getting ready to open worldwide and want you to help us spread the word about this incredible opportunity.

Wowzza! is a Professional, Full Featured Social Network, focused on the Internet Marketing, Home Business Community.

Instead of paying you a profit sharing bonus, an ad revenue share or some other "IF" form of compensation, Wowzza! uses a serious compensation Plan that pays you extremely well to be a Social Networking Super Star!

Social Networks have become increasing popular web sites online, especially for marketers and many have been racking their brains trying to figure out how to get you to join their network.

They've come up with some great ideas, all sorts of extra incentives, bonuses and cool features.

We think they are fantastic and are members of most of them.

Then we thought, these companies are making millions on membership fees and ad revenue, instead of trying to get cute with all sorts of revenue sharing plans, why don't they just PAY UP, using an established compensation plan that would allow all members to know exactly how much money they can earn when they refer others and build an organization.

So that's exactly what we did at Wowzza!

Now instead of wondering how much you will get paid and what exactly you are paid for, trying to figure out percentages and guessing what the company earned on their ad sales, your ads, tracking clicks, , visitors and ratings, Wowzza! uses a simple, profiting, well-established Forced Matrix.

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All Members are Paid Members, So You Know That You Are Only Promoting To and Building Relationships With Serious Professional Business People.

Your Profile, Blogs, Audios & Videos can be seen by all members and non-member visitors so that you get as much traffic and exposure to your information as possible.

Your Profile is Business Focused with links, ads, banners, and business overview, add blogs, images, audio and video.

No Lookie Loos, No Spammers, No Scammers, No Garbage

See what a difference Professional Social Networking can make for your Business and Income.

Get more exposure, create more contacts, build your network, learn, share, help, name brand, & make so much CASH you'll be yelling "Wowzza, that's a lot of Money!"

Wowzza!  It's About Time!

Wowzza! launches to the world very soon! You will be welcomed to our free Powerline Tour or if you have already made a decision and want in, you will be able to join right when we launch!

Please leave your contact information below so the second we launch I can send you the details and we can bring you aboard on day 1. (The faster you upgrade the better position you will have in the matrix.)

To your success,

Darren Olander
Marketing Consultant

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