Own The Internet


Own The Internet

The Internet is like a pie, and anyone who has put any content on the Internet owns a piece of it. Some companies own the majority of the Internet because their services are in such high demand. Most people own such a small fraction of the pie that their share is not even worth a penny. Where do you stand?

Whether you own a big chunk, or just a sliver, the truth does not change. The more high quality content you put out into the Internet equates to more ownership of the Internet. If you want more exposure and more people to know what you or your company is all about then you need to create a ton of fresh quality content. If you are pumping out content like a factory pumps out products you will start collecting visitors, and ultimately the more income you will make.

What are some ways you can create content and visitors to that content? Let’s dive right in.

1) Start your own website. Again, the more web pages you have on the Internet translates into owning more of the Internet. So the more web pages the better. Instead of trying to get your search engine optimization perfect with keywords and tags, try creating multiple pages with different variations. The websites that dominate the Internet have a mind boggling amount of pages. For example Social Networks like MySpace the users create the pages, all Myspace does is provides the service. If you can find a way for users to add content to your site for you then more power to you, otherwise always try to keep adding more content packed pages onto the Internet.

2) Start a blog. This is one of the easiest ways to start adding content to the Internet. One free blogging service is Blogger. Write on a regular basis to keep your content and site fresh. If your blog does not already do this automatically for you, make sure to use a service like Ping-o-matic to ping the search engines so that they know you have updated your site.

3) Dive into Social Media. Social Media sites are huge and can help you create and distribute content easily. Start using social bookmarking sites like Digg, StumbleUpon, and many others to bookmark and share your content with others. Use Twitter and Social Networking sites like Facebook and MySpace to create pages and connect with other marketers. Use Squidoo, HubPages, and others that help you create pages that get indexed into the search engines really well already.

4) Write Articles, E-books, etc. Like I’ve said many times, no matter who you are you are capable of writing content that other people will find valuable. Manually submit articles to article directories or get a service to do it for you. If you write an e-book or free report you can have people download it and that will attract more people to you.

An important note I’d like to make is this. Just creating a bunch of useless content will do you no good. It doesn’t matter how much content you have if people don’t care for it, want it, or need it. However, if you focus on helping spread knowledge and quality content onto the Internet then you will be a contributor, and contributors are rewarded.

Still, a simple fact is that if you are not creating any content then your ownership is not growing. One major critical factor that everyone who is successful has is the ability to adjust. If you don’t know how to do something then there is no better time to learn than now. Adjust to the market and to what people need. If you do you will find that success is actually attracted to you.

To your great success,

Darren Olander


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  • GReat article, I enjoyed it, guess today I finnaly made peace with the fact I want to be a network marketer in the nearest future, for them who are living by the bottle, you ain’t promised tomorrow be careful what you follow, cuz we are living by the dollar, you have to be rich to become rich. hmm most of you might never get this. So one up for my consultant the Darreoooh!! written True peace!
    -The Q-meister

  • I just read your article. I am studying article writing and have read material of yours before. I am getting the gist of just how important articles are and how it is integrated into marketing if you wish to achieve decent results. I look forward to other articles you may post to your blog. Keep me posted. Have a happy and prosperous day.

  • Hello Darren
    Thank you for your email. I read your blog, and it is very inspirational and encouraging. I will definitely put your advice to practice.
    Have a blessed and joy filled prosperous day

  • Big up Darren, my mail box is full of articles of yours but i think this one puts the cherrie on the cake. Thanks

  • Great advice Darren – need to let your readers know though how important it is to get the correct website and to register their domain names themselves so they don’t run into the obstacle that I did not knowing any better when I first began.
    Never use websites using layers or site builders or promoting their links in your url – you will be building your business and they will be getting the google results.

    If your going to get involved and be successful with internet marketing find people to follow who you can trust that will tell you the truth.


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